Cessna 182 2-motors med gyro Ready to Fly RTF


Type: Cessna 182 to motors
Vingespenn: 39 cm
Batteri: 3,7V 300 mAh Li-po batteri inkludert
Batteri i sender: 2 * 1,5V AA batterier ikke inkludert
Ladetid: ca. 40 minutter
Lader: USB ladekabel
Flytid: ca. 15-20 minutter
Kontrollavstand: ca 150 meter
Materiale: Meget solid EPP
Vekt: ca 280g
Radio: 2 kanals 2,4 Ghz med 6 axis stabiliseringsgyro
Enkelt bruttovikt: ca 280 gram
Funksjon: Forover, opp / ned, sving til venstre / høyre
Veil. 790,- Ikke medlem: 480,-
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SKU: Ces2motEPP

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Denne modellen kan alle fly. Meget lettflydd og supersterk modell. Nesten umulig å ødelegge.
This RC aircraft is made of EPP material, durable and light. According to the appearance of Cessna 182, design this RC airplane, cool appearance will make you love it. Two-channel design, easier to control, very suitable for beginner! 

All parts can be assembled easily without glue. You can DIY it by yourself.
Designed according to Cessna 182 real plane, with cool appearance.
Be made of EPP material, high flexibility, not easy to break.
It adopts high efficient pneumatic contour design, ensure good stability, operability and gliding performance.

Super strong power configuration. 
Two-channel design, easier to control, just practice a few times, you can get started.
Allow you to complete the course of taxiing, take off and landing easier and perform a sensational show.
If you have any problem, please feel free to contact with us without hesitation.
The head propeller cannot be rotated, only for decoration, and can be used for collision avoidance.
Please keep your body away from the propeller when the propeller is rotating.

After use, please take out the battery in the remote controller and discount the battery from the product. 
When charging the battery, adult guardianship is required.